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Banana bread is popular. It is popular because it's delicious and because it is really easy to make. Anyone can do it. That also makes it quite common. There are lots of recipes on this site that will help you give that extra twist to your banana bread, but from time to time we want to cook something a bit more off the beaten track, something more unusual. We recently came across a website that gives you just that, lots of unusual recipes. Especially if you like French cooking and recipes, you should check it out.

Unusual recipes will teach you how to cook things like Baked apples, Beef in Beer, Hare Stew, Lobster Thermidor, Onion Soup and more.

We ate onion soup a few times and we liked it a lot. So when we found this French recipe for onion soup on their website we decided to make it. We hope they don't mind we borrowed this recipe from their website.

To make onion soup for 4 people we will need:
250 g (1/2 lb) onions
50 g (2 oz) butter
25 g (1 oz) flour
2 pints of chicken stock (2 cubes)
200 g (6 oz) grated cheese

First you need to dice the onions and cook them in the butter until they turn golden, then cover them with flour. When everything is light ‘roux’ (red) pour in the stock.
Leave to cook for 20 mins.
Pour into a soup bowl or into ‘gratin’ bowls. Then add grilled ‘croutons’ of bread.
Cover generously with grated cheese and grill in a hot oven.

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